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The meaning of truly being with God is not just praying to God. It also has to be a conscious feeling of always being with God realising we are all part of God, while following the correct pathway. It's the realisation that our life is in God's hands every moment we are alive and to consciously follow God's path for human beings with full appreciation for this precious life we've been given. In PL we refer to this as living "an artistic life" by believing in and following PL Precept 1, "Life Is Art."

A prayer to God does not have to be complicated, it can even be just repeating in our mind something such as, "God I'm now driving in heavy traffic, please bless me to drive safely." I often do a quick prayer in front of my prayer symbol at home before going out the door, "God, I'm now going shopping please bless me to get the things I need and to drive safely there and back. Thank You." Then when I arrive at the shopping center and see there are no parking spaces available, in my mind I say, "God, please bless me to find a parking spot," and most of the time I find one very quickly.

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